Between school and school

This is now the second week Alicia has off until she starts ESY after the 4th of July. Her meds and biofeedback schedule has been adjusted to see if her behaviors can be modified. It has been a stressful couple of weeks especially for me and getting ready to sell my Mom’s house. Alicia is very much like a 3-year old. Yesterday, she decided to do her nails. Unfortunately, she also got her arms and carpet. Last night, she emptied a tude of antibiotic ointment on herself in her bed.

She is very unfocused as everyone points out. And now we have a suggestion to start up biofeedback sessions a couple of times a day, after getting a baseline QEEG.

I still ponder what I’ve read about neuro-reorg and wonder if this could help. Unfortunately, the 3-week window we had is now closing. So, if we do it, it will have to be in August.

We hope to be joining a local CSA for fresh vegetables. More to come about this.

Tabitha will be leaving for France next week for a month. She is ready. I still need to get her a power converter adapter.

Tired with a cold

It’s been almost a week that I’ve had this cold. It’s really got me down and not feeling much like doing anything. Our water heater also dragged me down last week by breaking. A lot of work getting the water out and drying out the carpets. Luckily my neighbor is a plumber and installed a new water heater that evening. Thanks, Jim. I probably should have called out service company with whom we have a contract, but didn’t even think about that.

I also started helping someone with setting up/designing their forum. He is an interesting guy and I seem to have an affinity for him and what he is doing. Perhaps that’s why I volunteered to help.

We had our last IEP review meeting at Elwyn last week and they know Alicia will be leaving for another placement starting this summer. They were very helpful in the transition and in reinforcing what the school district needs to provide for our daughter (the school district representative mentioned 2 things that our advocate jumped on along with the Elwyn staff). We shall see how this goes over the next week or so. Our daughter really does need that support that seems not to be needed.

Our continuing efforts with biofeedback are not doing well at times. I can’t figure out why. Our daughter takes off the headband sometimes once or many times during the session of 15 to 20 minutes. She doesn’t seem to understand any type of consequence that we might tell her about. This behavior is not something new but is one that os continuing. We are trying to identify a cause to help remedy it.

And now that we have a settlement date of June 27 for my Mom’s house, we need to get everything out and clean it up in only a few short weeks. Gotta start now, at least on what we will be taking from the house.