Birthday, anniversary and more

August 28th was my brother Butch’s birthday and our 36th anniversary. Last week was my vacation week and so we got a chance to go down the shore to Margate to visit a grad student and her family who we were a mentor family for one of her classes. It was nice to get out of the house and do something different. We ate dinner at a restaurant that was next to the famous Lucy in Margate. Look it up to learn what it’s about.

We also got a chance to visit my Mom. We took Alicia to CHOP in Exton for an EEG and a heart monitor. She handled it well and we found out later that there was nothing unusual and the results were fine. We wanted to rule out possibilities of seizures, which this did for what they measured. Perhaps the next thing will be a 24-hour EEG. Who knows?

I finally got my Vista laptop to work with the BioExplorer we bought. I was feeling sort of frustrated when this wasn’t working. But with Bill’s help and getting a different codec (WinDVD), the program worked. I even did a session on my laptop. But then we couldn’t find the session data we saved. Vista does things differently than Windows. After I got home, I did find it in a Virtual Store folder. From reading the BioExplorer forum and others, people are definitely having trouble using Vista and BE.

So, now the next step with the biofeedback therapy is to read and get the other equipment we’ll need to proceed with home training/therapy.

We visited my Mom on Sunday and also saw my brother Ed and Sheryl. Then today, I went to see Ed to give him my old laptop and pick up one of his old computers. He was hoping to connect via wireless network as it was working for me at home. Unfortunately, we discovered that both of the wireless routers he had, were not working. So, he has to buy a new one.

I did some lawnwork after coming home and was exhausted. Tabitha was home getting some clothes and stuff to take back to Baltimore. We ate dinner together and chatted. It was nice. She just left for home and I’m here relaxing a little writing a post.

But now I hear my daughter crying and saying “I don’t want to” after getting out of the shower. Maria is trying to make sure she is ready for school by following the rules. I always have a problem with this tough love stuff. I know she is right in what she is doing but I just can’t handle all the emotional outpour of my daughter.