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Album scripts I have tried

Photo albums part III

Well, I found another photo php script. It’s call folderblog. It’s really very simple to install and is small in size. As stated in a post:

pros: rss, comments on each pic, categories, lots of customizing features, random images, sorting by name, date (use as pblog or gallery), has a few extensions / plugins…, automatic thumbs, post- & upload interface, captions, descriptions, no database required…

cons: needs its own template (brings a few, but WP-themes don’t work) and is not a part of WP (or is that a pro?) and, like so many others, wants you to store all your images in a single folder. This eliminates for my needs as it does not meet with how I store my photos. You can get it to handle categories, but in a not-so-straightforward way. You have to create the folder and sub-folder structure, put all the photographs in the single root folder, and then create empty files with the same names as your photos and put them in the sub-folder. This seems to be too much trouble for me. I would like to be proven wrong, if anyone out there can advise me.

And now I’ve started using Gallery Manager. It’s only a beta version but it looks very promising. I’ve installed the plugin and I see great potential.

Photo albums part II

I’ve been trying to help out with more lazy-gallery questions on the WP forum. One that I said I couldn’t do, someone else found the way. That is to get lazy-gallery on a “page”. I created a page and it works. What needed to be done was to remove the line in lazy-index.php that said to not remove. It was for the wp-blog-header stuff. Once this was removed, walah!

I also tried to answer a question on Simple PHP Gallery plugin. I had downloaded this some time ago, but never installed. So, I did. I had to modify one of the php files to accurately get the wp-blog-header stuff. But then it was fine. The question was why the current blog theme wasn’t being used. I found that it loaded the default wp-layout.css in the sp-index.php file. If you change this to the css you want, you should be okay.

Just found this reference on the WP forum concerning a tutorial on integrating simple PHP gallery into WP.

Photo albums

I’ve been experimenting again with displaying photographs. I’ve tried to help a couple of people who had questions about lazy-gallery in the WP support forum. It does have some limitations (difficult to get to work on a “page”), but does work when called directly (if you use the latest and greatest version). And a good thing about it is that it works recursively.

I’ve also experimented with several standalone php gallery scripts: qdig, mGallery, Singapore, and DAlbum. I have selected DAlbum because it handles folders and sub-folders of photographs, which is how I like to organize my photos. It has a slideshow. It uses thumbnails. And you can add comments. There is a support forum.

I had difficulty installing Singapore. However, now that I have gotten over that barrier, I’m going to play further. It does work with folders and sub-folders.

qdig works well with folders and sub-folders. And it has a slideshow. qdig also has an Admin mode. There is also a WP plugin Qdig-WP plugin which I just found. Having read about the plugin, you will have to upload each of your galleries to a post. This is very much like WPicasa.

This “gallery in a post” was why I continued my search.

mGallery also works similar to qdig. But it does not recognize sub-folders in the home folder where the images are stored. That is why I ruled it out for me.

I tried a photoblog called PixelPost. It is much like WP. It uses a mySql database. However, it won’t work for me because it manages all photographs in one folder by assigning the photograph to a category, using the post paradigm. This is similar to the WPicasa WP plugin. It has a good Admin mode. You can set up users and manage the photographs. But this is not for me,

Having worked a little with Singapore today, I find the it also is not for me. It does work with folders and sub-folders. However, I cannot get the “thumbnails” to display on the web host I use. So, I have to rule this out.

Photos, albums, galleries

I’ve experimented with 2 plugins to help me post my photographs the way I want. Both are great plugins. They are WPicasa and WP-Picasa-Gallery. Both use Picasa exports and XML.

WPicasa requires the albums to be stored in a directory called “albums”. You set up certain options via Admin-Options. You manage your albums from the Admin-Manage. It knows when new albums are uploaded and lists them, waiting to be published. You select the one you want to publish and it creates a series of Posts for you. The Post on your main page has a single thumbnail in it for the 1st picture. When you click on the Post, you go to a Post of thumbnails. Then you can click on one and it takes you to another Post so that you can scroll through your pictures via Next/Previous. When WPicasa publisges your album, it creates all these Posts for you.

WP-Picasa-Gallery works in a different manner. First it looks for a directory called “galleries”. I changed the php code to use the “albums” directory I already had and it works fine. There are no Options or Admin for this plugin. To see the pictures you just need to embed php code in a Post that you create. You would put “gallery [gallery_name]” with {}. Here is what you would see:

{gallery [Elwyn Prom 2005]}

However, when you click on one of these thumbnails, you see the complete picture via your web browser, not in WP.

So, each has a differnet way of administering and presenting the photographs to your users. Experiment and enjoy!