Green and drinks

Last night we had our monthly greendrinks Media gathering at a new spot in my town of Springfield, PA. We’ve lived here for 22 years and I had never been to Nick’s Roast Beef until now. The food was great. And they even have an upstairs room which we can have for our meetings. This will be great for presentations and talks, something we’ve not had the ability to do before.

However, who will come. That’s always the concern when you have meetings. Some groups are popular and others have a continual flow of attendees. Our group through all the crap that has been going on, has no direction it would seem. We’ve had as many as 20 or so people, but over the past months we’ve only had a handful. And that’s who we had last night, the core 5 who seem to be at all the meetings.

We talked about why we were there and came to the main conclusion that it’s really for networking for your business. Second would be for information and knowledge about environmental issues and concerns. We now have an opportunity to reinvent the group and see what happens. It will take time and effort and we need a volunteer or two.

And while at the meeting, we watched Roy Halladay of the Phillies pitch a no-hitter. Way to go, Roy?

New house, meat club and more

Last Friday, we had settlement on Tab’s first house in South Philly. It went smoothly. Now her fun begins as a homeowner. Best of luck, Tab.

A couple of weeks ago, I was inquiring at some local farmers markets about setting up something whereby one could buy a share in meat and poultry from their farm. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. But then I received an email from a friend in Media about something called a meat club. A local farm called Forks Farm in Orangeville, PA was doing just this. They provide a list of farm fresh products that you can choose from to buy. There are various kinds of meat and poultry as well as dairy products. And then they deliver to a local place once a month for pickup.

So, I joined. We made our first order and I picked it up yesterday at Rushton Farm in Newtown Square, PA. I met the folks from Rushton Farm and visited their farmers market. Since we already get a lot of produce from the CSA Red Hill Farm we belong to, I bought flowers for my wife.

My nephew Gregg is returning from his world-wind vacation in Africa. He’s been there since the World Cup and is now in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on his way home. Can’t wait to see him and hear about his travels, more than what he posted on Facebook.