With or without

Loved ones are forever
Living, laughing, playing with them.
Fighting, running, jumping,
Sharing lives with them.
Talking and learning from them.
Being with each other.
But then, they’re gone.
What to do?
Where to go?

Loved ones living but then a break.
And they are not.
Where once they laughed and played
And shared with you and
Joined with you in so many things,
They don’t any more.
They are different and still loved.
But don’t share their lives in a way
That they used to.
They live and you’re love
Tries to make them and you strong
To endure and share their lives
Forever more broken and jumbled and
Different than before.

Do you miss a person more
When they are gone or
When they are still here yet gone?

We become different than who we were
And could have been.
We change and get lost in the madness that is.
We endure forever more?
We hope, not.
We try to make things better
But cannot seem to be able
To break through the gloom and
Pain and the nothing that one feels.
But still we try and hope
For a better and brighter time,
A new day.