Teddy Bear Muhammad

You know, it’s nice to be supportive of your religion. However, when certain religions take things to extreme, you really gotta think. The British teacher who let her students name a classroom teddy bear was convicted of a crime against their religion and sentenced to 15 days in jail and then be exported. What stupidity? But then, that is fanaticism. You can’t help people who are fanatics. They are ingrained with certain concepts whether that be religious or political or whatever. You almost can’t live with them because they will infringe upon your rights and wind up forcing you to do things or reacting to you in inappropriate ways.

This is why we can never win the war in the middle east. Although we had good intentions, the fanaticism of people will preclude this from happening. This is a reality. We should just leave and let them kill each other. Our help is really not wanted. That is obvious.

Calling for this teacher’s execution is just bizarre and proves the point of what being a fanatic is. There is such hatred and disdain for people who are not Muslim, that … it would be nice if we could just leave them alone and have nothing to do with them but they will never leave others alone.

Keeping up (QEEG)

We had a QEEG done on our daughter last Friday. It was interesting in several ways. One was because we had to had her off medications for 2 days. It was nice (?) to see how she acted without meds. She was kind of bouncing around and getting into everything but, for me, that was a good sight. I just wish she could tell us how she feels with and without her meds.

The actual QEEG session went well. She has to wear a skin-tight skull cap with 19 electrodes for measuring. She did put up with the positioning it on her head well. The session usually starts with an explanation of what will be happening, but with Alicia, this doesn’t matter as she can’t respond and acknowledge. “Relax” would be the instructions. Then, after this part, she was told to “close her eyes” so that those patterns could be measured. Since she couldn’t do this, I covered her eyes with my hand and a couple of spongy pads for her eyes. She did tolreate this for 2 minutes. Then we stopped because she was getting anxious. We tried again for about 30 seconds after a little break. I think this was the bare minimum for getting appropriate measurements.

We hope the session results will be back in time for an appointment with the psychiatrist on December 11.