After the 4th

We had a nice holiday although the rainy weather stopped some things. It stopped my wife and daughter from going to the pool to get their free $400 water-ice. It was not pleasant driving home from my Mom’s house (I don’t like driving in heavy downpours). It made the people in Philadelphia unhappy when they were told to go home by the police and then the fireworks display went off after 11:30.

The saga with wraparound services not being provided for our daughter continues. Magellan contacted me after I told them that Elwyn could provide the needed services. According to them (since they had contacted Elwyn), Elwyn could not provide the services. They would continue to look for our daughter. The PIN advocate said she would also continue to look, especially since I had contacted them.

I asked PIN what was my next course of action. I asked if I should write someone. They suggested a letter to the Director of Magellan was appropriate. I wrote a draft letter and am waiting for a call back from PIN. I’ll also copy the Secretary of the DPW in Pennsylvania on this letter. We need to rattle the cages so to speak.

It was funny that our service provider did their evaluation of our daughter and us last night in order to apply for the needed services for our daughter which has to be done on a quarterly basis.