Poor, poor pitiful me

I wonder all the time but don’t ever seem to come up with solutions. Why does my wife try so hard as to go overboard with our daughter? She wants our daughter to be all that she can be and regain skills that she has lost. But some time I think my wife goes to far. Take last night, for instance. She says our daughter threw up. Why? Because she said her stomach hurt. Amd as was just told, she has not been feeling well lately. But I guess I am not observant enough to see this. (I am editing this post as I find out more information. So the intention was good because now my wife is sharing some things with me. That’s great.)

Another thing is that our daughter gets tired primarily by the increased medication she is taking. And so, by 8:00 she is asleep (a lot of the times). I have suggested to my wife that she let her go to bed at that time. But no. Our daughter has to come downstairs to spend time with me watching TV or talking or playing. I appreciate that, but don’t like what happens when it is time for our daughter to go to bed. My wife comes downstairs at 9:30, 10:00, 11:00, and even after midnight to wake up our daughter so that she can go to sleep in her own bed. There is something wrong with this picture. I’ve asked her to change this arrangement, but to no avail.

My wife takes things to extremes. She also always sees the bad or negative side to everything. You know there are people who see a glass that is half-filled and say that it is half-empty. You really need to look at things from different perspectives. I love my wife but she does drive me crazy (and our daughters, too).