Types of people

I think I need to add a new type of person to the already designated A type and B type, etc. I am an LMM type. This stands for “loosing my mind“. You don’t have to be old to be this type of a person. You can be any age, any age that can reason. However, along with this ability to determine what is reality versus stupidity, comes the loss of one’s mind, the forgetfulness.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I left my car running (but didn’t lock the door) while we attended a doctor visit. We come out of the office and I stick my hand in my pocket and no keys. Hmmm!. I ran to the car and it is still running. The mind is a fragile thing.

That’s one manifestation of being an LMM type person. The other is hearing something, or seeing something, and wondering “what were they thinking?” Take the recent news item about Gretzky’s wife and Rick Tocchet thinking about suing for $50M because it was leaked that they had a role in gambling. Duh! If they were involved in betting on sports, they are guilty. But then, our society allows for such things to happen. Even though you are guilty (perhaps), you have the right to sue for something ridiculous. Gee! Why didn’t former President Richard Nixon sue because of the Watergate leaks?

Take a stand

Well, today was my day for calling my representatives and ask them to support to very important issues. I asked Senators Spector and Santorum and Representative Weldon to support:

1. NetNeutrality
2. No drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

I also signed a petition I want my MPG.

You can do the same thing. Make your voice heard.
Tell Congress that you want the Arctic Refuge to remain pristine