December is here

Yea! And it’s getting cold again. It’s not nice of Mother Nature to provide us with warm days as we had this week in winter. It was close to 70 this week. Now it is 30. It needs to stay cold so that it feels like Christmas.

The Christmas shows have already started and I am enjoying them. Even my daughter Alicia is sitting with me to watch them at night. And I am still a little depressed about Alicia and the MRI procedure she will undergo on December 12. Having spoken with the neurologist, I guess it is a necessary evil. Even though she may / will be traumatized by the preparation for the procedure, the benefits of the results outweigh this. I don’t believe this, but what can I do??? As far as I am concerned, this really stinks.

We received the order from Vital Sounds with the new listening therapy CDs for Alicia. We also got a new noise-canceling headphone since Alicia kind of broke the other one. Apparently, this therapy is working according to her OT and our observations.

I’ve been having fun working on my blog and trying to help others. I really hope to attend the December WP group meeting in Philadelphia as I want to learn more php to get my moon calendar plugin working.