comp time?

Well, Sunday was pretty pleasant, although I worked about 5-6 hours as I did on Saturday. One of our clients (at work) was upgrading their software over the weekend. It was/is my responsibility to take care of a 3rd party software package called Safari-UDMS. This client was more troublesome because he has over 20 databases. Each one had to be upgraded and validated.

I don’t mind working weekends and after hours, but I certainly would like to be compensated for the time. I had a discussion with my manager a month ago about these upgrades and the time I would need to put in. I had assumed that I would get comp time. “I will,” he said, “but it is not a one-for-one hour formula.” There is no formula. It’s his disgression how and when I can take some time off.

I told him that stunk. At least when I was on 24×7 support, I got paid. But now with this, who knows. And I volunteered to do this support in order to help our clients. That’s what happens when you volunteer. My manager wants to know how to do what I do so we can avoid this issues in the future. So, I am working on a document which explains the process.

Day-10 Sunday

Well, Sunday was nice. I worked a lot and tried to spend some time with Alicia. However, she was uncomfortable because she was constipated. When she was relieved in the afternoon, she was happy. This constipation is a side effect to her medications.

There were no nosebleeds at all on Saturday or Sunday.

Maria seemed to be doing okay. She was not in pain, but was tired. She ate well over the weekend which means her stomach virus is gone.

Alicia and I watched Jungle Book 2 before going to bed, although she was up talking to herself in her room for at least an hour.