Day-8 Friday

We saw the surgeon yesterday and he said he would call this morning with details about when the surgery would be. We waited almost an hour and a half until we saw him. There are a lot of people with broken bones. Thanks Jeannie who came with us to watch Alicia.

He called this morning and told us that surgery will be on Monday at 10:30 at the Surgery Center of Pennsylvania in Havertown, PA. From what I understand, there is a piece of bone floating in the elbow area. This will have to be put back and connected in some manner. They are not sure how they are going to do this. But they might have to put in some hardware that will have to be removed later.

I’ll pick up the referral later today. We must follow the proper procedures.

Referral picked up with no problems. We are all ready for surgery Monday.

We got a call back from OMR concerning our inquiry about getting additional support in the home for us while Maria is out of commission. Someone will call us on Monday after 3:00 about services we need (household support and therapy).

I took Alicia out to pick up the referral and got her a little stuffed animal. We also picked up my medicine.