Day-5 Tuesday

I’ve decided to start some posts about my wife’s accident and how we are doing. We have a long way to go (6 weeks = 42 days). This will help me appreciate all the little things Maria does that I must now do.

One of my duties is to help her get a shower without getting her right arm and foot wet. We use trash bags and rubber bands to protect the casts. I took Maria to the PNC bank to cash her annuity checks. They gave her a hard time saying that some money would not be available until midnight. Rules are rules but Maria doesn’t always understand this. And sometimes, neither do I.

I told Maria I was going to see if any of the organizations we work with could possibly send us some support during this time. I can’t take off or work from home for the next 6 weeks. So, I’ll chekc with Keystone, Magellan, and OMR. Then we’ll see where we go from there.