After the ER

Well, on Friday the fun with our medical and insurance system began. When we left the ER on Thursday around 11:00pm after almost 4 hours there, you would have thought they would have given us all the information we needed. There was something missing, but let me tell the story.

Friday morning, I called Keystone to make sure what I had to do so that we were covered. That, in itself, is stupid. They said we needed a referral from our primary physician (Dr. Schaffer) to see the orthopedist the ER recommended we see. Luckily, Dr. Miller was in the Keystone system.

So I called our doctor. I said it was an emergency and gave the details. Whoever answered the phone was very accommodating. She said she would fax the referral. I thanked her.

Then I called Dr. Miller and made the appointment within a couple of hours. But I needed the x-rays. So, I went to the Springfield Hospital ER. They don’t keep them there but at thje main hospital in the radiology department. So, I walked around to the hospital and made my way to radiology. I told the person who asked me if she could help me, what I needed.

She asked if I had called in the request because it takes 24 hours. I said no. Were the x-rays of me? I said no, they were my wife’s. Did I have a written permission letter from her to release the info to me. They needed this for Hipo law. I explained that she couldn’t be reached or answer the phone or write. She finally agreed to get them for me. I signed for them and left.

Something is wrong with this system. If the ER recommended an orthopedist to go to the next day, why wouldn’t they have told me what I had to do or give me the x-rays at that time?

Then at Dr. Miller’s we learned the bad news about the elbow brake. Infact, he wanted Maria to get a CT per his detailed specs in order to get enough information to help him decide how to proceed — one cut or several. We stopped at our primary pyhsician to get the referral. It’s funny how you get different service from people who work at the same place. Well, this time they said since it was Friday, they needed an extra amount of time to process (2-3 days).

After speaking with her, she agreed to do it while I waited but she said it would have to be between phone calls. I said that was fine. After about 40 minutes, I got the referral. They had trouble interpretting the script Dr. Miller wrote.

Why are so many parties involved in this? Why couldn’t all the parties involved be empowered to do what each one needed to do?

If the goal is to service the client, then they have a ways to go, at least in this case.