Web pages displaying too wide

For a little while now, my web pages displayed fine in IE6 but not in Netscape or FireFox. I did some research on the W3C site, finding much good information and many tutorials. I thought the the problem was the DOCTYPE designator. I finally got IE6 to display correctly width-wise, but not the other 2 browsers, no matter what specification I put in there except the current “4.01 Transitional”.

Then I decided to put in the URL location of the W3C file. When I did this the width displayed fine, but the body text did not. It was shadow in IE6 but display fine in Netscape and FF. So then I decided to look at my style sheet. I found that some of my sections ended with “;” while others did not. I made them all consistent with the final “;”, but that did not solve the problem in IE6.

So, that is where I will leave it for now. More research to follow.