90th birthday – congratulations Aunt Rose!

We went to Maria’s Aunt Rose’s 90th birthday party on Saturday. It was held at Giampino’s restaurant in Havertown. It was a nice time. We saw relatives whome we hadn’t seen in a long time. We haven’t had a family get together like that in a long time. We saw Aunt Rose’s 2 sons Frank and Bob abd Bob’s wife Adele. Their 3 children were there. Joanna has 3 kids of her own. Christina has no children. She and my daughter got a chance to talk about work and college since they are both in the same field, child counseling. Christina works in Maryland.

We saw Aunt Judy and her daughter Lisa and husband Ken and son Alex. They live in Atlanta Now, but we heard that they are looking to move up here near her mom. Why? Because Lisa is pregnant. That’s really great news!

One of their requirements for a home is a good size property since they have 2 very large dogs (120 and 90 lbs) They are some kind of an Alaskan mixture.

We had a good time. Alicia was very good although not mingling with anybody. But that is how she is.