Page counters

You’ll see at least 3 page counters on my blog. I am testing. I wanted to find a technique for counting the number of unique visits per day.

The counter in the Header is some php code I found, not sure where now.

< ?php /* counter */ $datei = fopen("total.txt","r"); //opens countlog.txt to read $count = fgets($datei,1000); fclose($datei); $count=$count + 1 ; echo "You are visitor no. $count since April 1, 2005" ;
$datei = fopen("total.txt","w"); // opens to write and deletes the old count
fwrite($datei, $count);

The counter in the Footer was generated by my ISP server software.

The counter in the Right Side Bar is the wp-advanced-stats plugin. It seems to be the one that meets my needs. Although I am still looking.

I’ve tried javascript code and the txthit plugin butdidn’t get them to work. So my search continues.

The following javascript code did work on my html page. I put this in the head section:

Then I added the following to “the address section” to put the count on the page:

You are visitor number