We are near the end

Certainly by mid-April, the CHBTF Transition committee will come to an end. We are preparing a report to submit to PA DPW. It has been a year since we began. However, it has been only withing the last several months that we have actually done anything. The DPW gave us a deadline of March 1st to prepare a report by. Then they extended this to April 1st. We are extending this due date a little because only now have we had a couple of teleconferences to discuss. We seem to be on a roll.

Out of the 40 or so original members, we have only had real contact with less than 10 individuals who have actually participated over the past couple of months. Although we were all very enthusiastic last May 2004, we lost our desire to participate on the committee. It’s understandable. Time does that to you, especially when you are not communicated with by the people who want this to happen. I really hope the DPW does a moratorium on this task force and tries to determine why we didn’t do as good as the Autism Task Force. I have my thoughts and will talk about them later.

I hope to publish the draft here within a couple of days. This is being prepared by the co-chair of our committee, Rick. We will need it for another teleconference on Wednesday, April 6, 2005.

I do want to thank now all the members of our committee. It will soon be the responsibility of the new responders committee to whom all of the eleven CBHTF reports will be given, to proceed and carry on. Best of luck to them.